Application Security Assessments are often mandated to meet regulatory requirements or adhere to state or federal laws

Whether assessing web, client-side or enterprise applications, an Application Security Assessment can provide assurances as to whether an application is designed and configured in accordance with security best practices, while helping your organization understand the current state of an application’s security and its associated risks.

ChannelSOC’s security team will review the application for application level vulnerabilities, secure coding design principles, and configuration and deployment issues. We will seek to identify recurring code vulnerabilities, insecure coding techniques, deficiencies, and areas of opportunity to protect the application platform from exploitation.

Application Security Assessment

Key aspects of an application security review

  • Analysis of data access requirements
  • Source code analysis
  • Understand applications and how to meet organizational goals
  • Conduct a threat analysis of points of weakness in the current SDLC
  • Conduct risk analysis and business impact analysis of application weaknesses
  • Implementing security into the current SDLC
  • Analysis of tools needed to ensure secure code development
  • Analyze training regime for secure application development
  • Develop a threat analysis and monitoring solution for application security
  • Develop policies to address future risk to applications

API Testing

API Penetration testing is identical to web application penetration testing methodology.  Methods for  testing remain similar to other web applications with some small changes in the attack.  We look for standard vulnerabilities such as OWASP Top 10: Injection, Access Control, information disclosure, IDOR XSS, and other.

Stages of a Web Service Penetration Test

   Information Gathering

   Black Box

   Google hacking


    Web Service Discovery

   Authentication Discovery

Application Security Code Review

Reviewing application code will provide an overview of your risk posture.  Tested together with automated tools and manual penetration testing techniques,  in a multi- step process of familiarization, prioritization and analysis to help you understand the context and make relevant risk estimate that accounts for both the likelihood of attack and the business impact of a breach.

  Identify code level vulnerabilities

  Meet regulatory requirements

    Help developers secure coding best practices

We will provide a standard methodology for you to assess your applications in the future and provide your developers and implementation specialists a guideline for securing application deployment, technical recommendations and policies and procedures to keep your applications secure.