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Risk Management

With limited resources, many organizations including, managed services providers (MSP) and managed security service providers (MSSP) are forced to do the minimum, relying on automated systems and reports.  These limited services and functionality result in missing data breach indicators.

Cyber-attackers are usually one step ahead of organizations, developing their tactics, arsenals, and organizational structures. The IT risk gap is accelerating and many organizations are outmatched.

Instead of relying on an understaffed and under skilled internal team, organizations are turning to outside professionals, who are trained and focused on one priority – cyber-security.

@CSOCTeam can quickly deploy our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, managed, 24/7, by an extended team of cyber security professionals.  We provide real-time visibility into all the logs, security devices, clouds, and other high-value assets.  This allows us to collect, correlate and analyze the logs generated by your technology infrastructure, security systems and business applications. The SOC team uses this information to identify and assess suspicious activity for further investigation.

We are able to identify attacks, anomalous network behavior and vulnerabilities that could most likely to impact key business processes.  This allows you to quickly take action before those strikes impact the business and more importantly, the business reputation.

Some of the reasons we are being contracted;

  • Cyber attacks are happening more frequent and they are more targeted and sophisticated.
  • SIEM is now the foundation of cyber defense against unauthorized, malicious activity in real time.
  • Organization have tried to deploy a solution in the past and it wasn’t setup or configured properly.
  • To better understand threats that are targeting their network.
  • Maintaining an audit trail to help with compliance reporting and digital forensics.
  • Enterprise threat intelligence including AlienVault OTX, FBI and Department of Homeland Security
  • The quality and speed of our team’s response and expertise.
  • Our ability to prioritize internal and external vulnerabilities on the network.
  • Customized correlation development

In-depth visibility into network activity helps to proactively identify malicious network activity and find vulnerabilities that could turn into larger security issues in the future.

ChannelSOC provides SOC and security testing services to our partners,  ensuring that you’re continuously upholding your compliance requirements with solutions that are always-on and proactively protecting you and your clients from cyber attacks.

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