Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings to suit your needs. IaaS offerings include, compute, memory, storage, network, security, backup and disaster recovery.


High performance computing platform to host server workloads.  A variety

of options are available to suit your computing requirements. Choose from

the Infrastructure as a Service offerings below:

Virtual Data Center

Scalable and flexible virtual private resource pool (CPU, RAM & Storage)

to host multiple server workloads. Includes a self service portal for full

control of your servers.


Cloud Server
Scalable and flexible virtual private server (CPU, RAM & Storage) for single

servers. Includes as self service portal for full control of your servers.


Dedicated Servers
Bare metal servers as a monthly OPEX fee hosted in our racks. Built

to order 1,2 & 4RU DELL industry leading servers with the latest

Intel or AMD processors.


Hosted HCI
Dedicated hosted hyper converged infrastructure delivered as a private

cloud environment that is based on software defined, compute network and storage.


Storage as a service that is based on enterprise grade storage systems. These

storage services are available for consumption as a monthly fee and delivered

from our Cloud Platform.  We offer Cloud Block, File and Object Storage with

different types of storage and access methods to meet performance requirements.


There are a number of network connectivity services to ensure optimal

connectivity to our IaaS platform.


Direct Connect
Connect at 1 or 10 Gbps with no traffic charges, hosted in carrier neutral data centers


Remote Access
Secure VPN connectivity over shared/dedicated internet access to your environments


Shared & Dedicated Internet Access
Premium or Premium 1:1 dedicated internet access to your environments with dedicated IP address blocks


These network connectivity services go hand in hand with our security

services to ensure secure connectivity to our IaaS platform.


We provide a number of security services to ensure that your servers

are fully protected


Shared Firewall
Included by default for secure access to your Virtual Data Centres, Cloud Servers

and Veeam Cloud Backup storage environments.


Virtual Firewall Appliance

For more advanced network and security requirements such as dedicated

internet access and multiple DMZs.


Dedicated Firewall

Next Generation Firewall appliances for hardware-based firewall requirements

and performance


Web Application Firewall

Layer 7 security for web and application servers.


Network Private Access

Zero trust remote access technology.

Infrastructure as a Service Benefits

  • Seamless VMware replication and Veeam backup integrations
  • Customized trial options
  • Predictable, fixed cost with no surprises or micro transactions
  • Zero Ingress or Egress fees
  • vCloud Director self service portals
  • Quick deployment and provision of cloud servers
  • No need to rearchitect workloads
  • No capital expenses
  • Lower management requirements
  • Hosted on scalable enterprise infrastructure

To learn more or setup a customized trial virtual data center environment please contact us