Most employees are not security inclined and are not aware of what the true risk is to the organization.  They are often referred to as the weakest link in information security.

With the rapid change in the security landscape, almost on a daily basis, no employee can keep up without help.


A company has a responsibility to make sure that each employee is aware of the many threats that can endanger the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets.

It is also the organizations responsibility to provide policy and a solid foundation for the employee to enhanced their ability to avoid clicking a malicious link or accidentally surf to the wrong website.

Security begins with your employees.

We can develop an security awareness training methodology for employees of all levels, including; users, developers, management and executives to meet regulatory requirements or to match your corporate security policies.

Awareness training should be an ongoing process that is relevant practical and targets management and staff.

We can provide training tailored to your environment around the enterprise applications, user education and security practices.

Education services can be targeted to employees in 1 hour sessions online.  Classes will be in a lecture format with hard and soft copy for all day sessions or via a web based portal for online training.

Key Aspects Include:

  • Development of security awareness training programs for all employees
  • Provide easy to understand written training material that can be distributed to employees
  • Provide “Top Ten” security tips sheet that can be used be distributed by HR
  • All key awareness concepts to be covered but not limited to:
  • Detecting and avoiding social engineering
  • Recognizing Competitive Intelligence Probes
  • Choosing good passwords
  • Protecting sensitive information
  • Basic PC Security
  • Information Classification
  • Email & IM Safeguards
  • Recognizing and Dealing With Viruses
  • Working From Home or Traveling
  • Physical Security
  • Phishing and Identity Theft
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Social network risks
  • Encrypting data and data destruction

We will first get a basic understanding of your needs through an interview process, then we will help you select the key areas where your employees need training and develop a list of classes and schedule.

You can choose online sessions and distribute the material to all employees. We know security training is not a one time event.  We will provide monthly information alerts you can send to your employees to keep security at the forefront of corporate policy. All employees will have the opportunity to take the class and have access to the material to keep them educated about security risks.

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