Incident Response

Organizations in all industries are facing an increase in cyber-threats and more and more are becoming the victims of these malicious attacks.

Attacks can target entire networks, an endpoint or IoT device, an application or even a database.  This is why it is crucial for any organization to have visibility into how their systems are being used and by whom.


ChannelSOC emergency response services provide remote and on-site Incident Response and Investigation Services to reduce the impact of a security breach on your organization.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are able to slip past even the most cutting-edge security defenses thanks in large part to an agile strategy.  The threat actors behind successful APTs research the employees, practices and defenses of the organizations they want to attack. They may try to breach the defenses hundreds or even thousands of times. They learn from their mistakes, modify their behavior, and finally find a way to get in undetected.