Inherent Problems within an Organization:

  1. Technology is frequently mis-configured or mismanaged, which in turn introduces points of weakness into the organization.
  2. Threats to an organization’s network can come from many different sources
  3. Many organizations only test from an external perspective, leaving them vulnerable to internal threats
  4. Many organizations test for vulnerabilities once a year – not nearly enough for adequate protection
  5. Organizations need to test for exposure early and often to keep up with the growing number of threats

Vulnerability Analysis is the Frontline in Securing the Organization

A custom built methodology will be developed to utilize your personnel and financial resources to provide the best solution to meet your business needs.

ChannelSOC provides a programmatic approach for evaluating technical, administrative and management security controls across your environment.

We will conduct tests against your internet perimeter and internal systems using real world attacks techniques, both automated and manual.

Vulnerability assessments are a necessary tactical approach to securing all risk in your infrastructure.

Key value propositions for a vulnerability analysis include:

  • Methodology development
  • Analysis of remediation process and solution development
  • Metrics development and reporting
  • Manual and automated testing procedures
  • Review of network, operating system, application and end-point security measures
  • Development of key remediation recommendations
  • Policy development to maintain proper vulnerability remediation procedures

We offer many scanning services to best fit your needs. Scanning services are divided into the following types:


This vulnerability scan uses hardware outside of your network to scan the outside of your network for vulnerabilities.


This option allows you to turn any supporting hardware into an internal scanner that searches for vulnerabilities within your network.

Once vulnerability assessment is completed, we will attempt to validate the vulnerabilities and provide detailed recommendations to fix the problems.

We will also review your policies and procedures around vulnerability management and provide practical steps to ensure management of vulnerabilities in the future is detailed and can change as the organization implements new technologies.

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