Our Company

Based in Sparks, Nevada with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our experience in IT security expands over three decades.  Our teams have worked in the high-tech industry since the mid 90’s and we have evolved with it.   Over these years we have completed hundreds of successful IT projects that include infrastructure design, networking, virtualization, storage, backup and disaster recovery.  Our partners hire us to protect their mission critical services and to maintain a level of compliance.

We employ a team of certified security and risk specialists including a forensic investigator who is certified on the MITRE attack model.  We have responded to dozens of incidents/breaches and have also worked with the FBI and Homeland security.  These teams provide our partners the most comprehensive cyber-security services.

Our security operation center services cover the compliance requirements for most organizations, large and small.  Our SOC analysts are trained and proficient on AlienVault USM SIEM platform with various accreditation’s including, CompTIA Security + and CISSP.  Their experience and expertise gives you a higher-level of visibility into the environment with the capabilities to respond to incidents, quickly and effectively.

Our Risk team members have been in the industry since the early 2000’s when cyber security wasn’t prolific throughout industry, helping large enterprises understand their risk posture.  They have completed hundreds of penetration testing, ethical hacking, phishing, and related security risk assessments.

All these services are made available to you without the burden of developing them yourself.

Our Methodology


Identify the all assets that need to be protected.


Perform a thorough analysis on the mechanisms and controls currently in place to protect those assets.


Identify the risks associated with each asset and develop a plan to help mitigate the highest risks posed to your organization.


Monitor, Detect and Respond, 24×7 to prevent breaches and attacks and help you stay ahead of new threats.