ChannelSOC Security and Compliance services meet the requirements of most organizations,  that are required to secure sensitive data, develop and maintain a security program and comply with common industry standards.

We work closely with your teams to evaluate various security controls based on NIST cyber security framework, CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls and utilize the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) as the standard basis for penetration testing execution.

We have developed a simple process that will make it easy to work with us.  When we are finish testing and the reports are completed, it will become very clear what type of strategy and remediation will be required to secure environments and maintain a level of compliance.

Our Company

Based in Florida, and a remote team throughout the USA, our experience in IT security expands over three decades.  Our teams have worked in the high-tech industry since the mid 90’s and they have evolved with it.   Over these years we have completed hundreds of successful IT security projects that include penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, compromise assessments, regulatory compliance assessments and incident response.  Since early 2017, our clients have hired us to identify threats, vulnerabilities, gaps in their existing security program and maintain a level of compliance.

Our Team

Our team is located in several states including, California, Texas, Florida, Michigan and New York.   They are security and compliance risk specialists, certified in security testing, industry compliance standards, incident response and forensics.   Our compliance experience includes PCI DSS, HIPAA & HiTech, ISO 2700 and CIS Top 20 Critical Security Contols   The team is trained and certified in Ethical Hacking, CISSP,  CompTIA Security + & MITRE ATT&CK