Our Company

About ChannelSOC –  Founded in 2014, our experience in information and network security expands over four decades.  Our team has worked in the Information Technology industry since the mid 90’s and has evolved with it.   Over these years we have completed hundreds of networking projects that include infrastructure design, networking, virtualization, disaster recovery and other related solutions.  We have spent numerous years protecting these services so our clients do not become another statistic.

ChannelSOC’s dedicated team of security engineers provide our clients with a comprehensive Cyber Security Monitoring Solution that effectively mitigates the risks of today’s threat landscape.  We help you identify internal and external vulnerabilities so you can better understand the risk of your client’s environment and arm you with the tools to work closely with them to enhance their security posture.

We have developed a Information Security Management System that covers the Information Security requirements of most companies.  We provide the ability to monitor all your network devices to spot trends and see patterns that are out of the ordinary.  Once we are alerted to an event our team will investigate the issue and then respond accordingly.

Our methodology is to successfully implement our advanced monitoring and detection solution so we can help align your goals with your customers while adding a value of services to help enhance your security offerings.

These processes and methodologies do align with common Information Security Standards as they overlap in scope and implementation by design.

Our Methodology


The first step is to identify the information assets that need to be protected.


The second step is to perform a thorough analysis on the mechanisms currently in place to protect the information assets.


After the successful identification of the risks associated with each information asset, an information security plan is then developed to mitigate its information risks.


Once the remediation plan has been fully deployed, we then monitor the implementation in order to continue improving it.

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