Application Security Testing

Our approach provides a standard methodology for you to assess your applications and provide your developers an implementation guideline for securing application deployment. We provide technical recommendations with mitigating controls and policies and procedures to keep your applications secure over time.

Network Security Testing

The objective of a a network penetration test is to verify that systems, network and infrastructure meet baseline security standards defined by the industry.  Network penetration testing with identify security weaknesses under controlled circumstances to eliminate the vulnerabilities before unauthorized users can exploit them and help reduce your risk posture.

Social Engineering Assessment

Social engineering assessment will determine the status of the user security awareness program.  The results of the exercise should be fed in to the security awareness process for the coming year to further advance the state of security awareness within the organization and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Physical Security Assessment

A physical security assessment will identify various kinds of physical security threats and vulnerabilities, including fire, floods, access to sensitive areas, burglary and even cloning badge access cards.  Another common threat can strike through your wireless network.  Auditing and assessing your physical security controls is important if you want to improve the safety of your facility.