Physical security assessments will measure the strength of your existing physical security controls and help you identify vulnerabilities

Bad actors will attempt to compromise your organization, bypassing perimeter security, impersonating another employee or technical controls such as WiFi networks, cloning badge access cards, giving them authorization to a secured facility.

ChannelSOC can identify vulnerabilities in your physical security controls, that might otherwise be discovered by bad actors, helping you understand the level of real-world risk to your organization.

Key aspects of physical security review

  • Gathering Intelligence
  • Observe of Operations
  • Impersonating employees
  • Cloning key access cards
  • Access Secure Areas
  • Dumpster Diving
  • Lock Picking
  • Testing Network Jacks

Wireless Security Assessment

Wireless deployments have grown over the past several years and are necessary to conduct business internally and to provide convenience for your clients.  This convenience also introduces risk that would be identified through a wireless security assessment.

These security assessments are performed onsite with a walk-through of your facilities to discover wireless devices,  SSID’s and evaluate configurations.   This involves testing the authorized access points and clients along with reviewing the company’s wireless policy.

Testing will determine network segmentation, whether an attacker can access the wireless network and if they can gain access to a corporate network.  We also identify rogue access points and rogue clients to determine if they are connected to your LAN and what risk they pose to your organization.