Attacks and breaches continue to dominate the headlines. ChannelSOC’s emergency response services can provide remote and on-site Incident Response and Investigation Services to reduce the impact of a security breach on your organization.

Our team of IR investigators and response teams will diagnose the network along with your current status and determine the extent of the compromise before more damage is done.  Our experience will help you resolve an incident, return to normal operations, and prevent recurrence while minimizing operational impact.

We also provide management support and communications, allowing your executives to make the right business decisions related to response actions.

Our process follows forensic procedures to collect, preserve, and analyze evidence. This includes a variety of techniques such as log analysis, network and systems forensics, advanced malware analysis, and security intelligence to determine the root cause, timeline, and extent of the incident.

Following the conclusion of response activities, you’ll be provided a comprehensive report of the response investigation with recommendations and proposals for avoidance of future incidents from observed on-site issues and behaviors, including executive and board-level summaries of our findings.

Incident Investigation Services

ChannelSOC can assist your team with post-evaluating breaches or security violations and working to protect against similar intrusions in the future.

  • We can help show your staff how to manage these types of violations.
  • We work together with your teams to help in identifying the cause and to create future prevention planning.
  • After an incident has occurred, we can work with your teams through the data related to the event.
  • Report to Local, State or Federal agencies as required.
  • We utilize some of the best industry practices to deliver a full picture of cause, effect, and resolution during the event examination.
  • We create the incident timeline that will help make upcoming mitigation a tangible and reliable solution towards future protection for your environment.

Post Breach Services

We work with your technical teams to dive into event log files and help you investigate the digital evidence and help identify the cause of the incident.

  • Was it the work of External Hackers?
  • Internal Disgruntled Employees?
  • Virus Trojan attackers?
  • Wireless network breach intrusions?

We have the tools and experience to guide through it