75% of attacks in 2021 used vulnerabilities that were at least two years old, 80% of public exploits are published before the CVEs are published, zero-day exploits were involved in over 66% of malware.

Unpatched vulnerabilities were involved in 60% of data breaches

Almost 22,000 vulnerabilities were published in 2021

You get the point…

If you are company that doesn’t employ a full time dedicated internal engineer

or external contractor.  We could potentially help you.

Our services includes

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

  • Working with internal business units to drive secure configurations in images used for desktops, servers, network devices, and wireless network devices
  • A working knowledge of vulnerabilities and configuration settings and their exploitation to gain access to networks, applications, hosts, and desktops
  • Working with computer operations to define standard operating system builds and configurations and develop effective build maintenance processes
  • Develop and maintain server software inventories and manage application whitelisting solutions
  • Conduct training and awareness for policy updates, standards and processes
  • Assess existing vulnerabilities against new standards and patching processes to understand gaps and develop plan
  • Managing the end-to-end vulnerability management workflow
  • Scanning and identifying vulnerabilities associated with assets connected to the network
  • Working with your SOC and Red teams to present a clear plan for remediation execution
  • Provide advanced Python, Golang and Shell scripting

We work with Rapid7, InsightVM, Qualsys, Nessus, Splunk and a host of

other platforms to provide recommendations on improving the security

posture of your enterprise