Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments should be a quarterly test as part of your security program.  These types of assessments will identify where and how your environment is vulnerable to compromise.   Running vulnerability scans on a quarterly basis will ensure you comply with most cyber security regulation standards and give you actionable recommendations on how you can lower your exposure.  Our experience and approach will help you evaluate controls across your environment.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a growing component for cyber security regulation standards and to help identify security gaps in your environment. These are typically done on a yearly basis.  We play the role of an attacker to exploit vulnerabilities, either in your employees or through the network or application to see how your existing security controls and policies stand up under “real world” conditions.

Risk Assessment

It is recommended by NIST to perform a risk assessment whenever there are significant changes to your information system or environment of operation or other conditions that may impact the organization.  This could include upgrading applications, regime changes, upgrading infrastructure or moving to a cloud environment.  Information risk assessments will identify security gaps and deliver actionable recommendations to improve network security, using the latest technology and industry best practices.

Website Security Assessment

Our website application penetration test is designed to help you follow best practices for application security. Industry regulations such as PCI, HIPAA and Red Flag require website security.  Protecting privacy and personal identifiable information (PII) has become top priority for most industries and countries.  This type of an assessment evaluates the source code, the infrastructure, the operating systems and the application functionality.

Application Security Assessment

Our approach provides a standard methodology for you to assess your applications and provide your developers an implementation guideline for securing application deployment. We provide technical recommendations with mitigating controls and policies and procedures to keep your applications secure over time.

Gap Analysis

Organizations are taking pro-active measures to protect themselves from constant attacks that are coming from all parts of the globe. Finding these issues (gaps) before the attackers will help you identify areas that need priority attention.  We will review your existing framework against proven standards (PCI, NIST) to determine areas that need improvement.

Security Awareness Training

Most employees are not up-to-date on the latest threats and what to look for or not to click on when they open an email.  Employees can’t keep up without help.  Security awareness training can help reduce the chances of your employees being the reason behind the latest ransomware attack or being the victim of a targeted phishing attack that causes the organization to lose sensitive PII (personal identifiable information) or experience extended downtime.