Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments should be a quarterly test as part of your security program.  These types of assessments will identify where and how your environment is vulnerable to compromise.   Running vulnerability scans on a quarterly basis will ensure you comply with most cyber security regulation standards and give you actionable recommendations on how you can lower your exposure.  Our experience and approach will help you evaluate controls across your environment.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test is a growing component for cyber security regulation standards and to help identify security gaps in your environment. These are typically done on a yearly basis.  We play the role of an attacker to exploit vulnerabilities, either in your employees or through the network or application to see how your existing security controls and policies stand up under “real world” conditions.

Compromise Assessment

Having a baseline security program is a must nowadays and keeping various technologies up-to-date and in compliance is a full-time job, for multiple employees.  How about the advanced persistent threats (APT’s) or other stealthy type attacks that can make it through traditional defenses, like your SIEM, Antivirus or an Intrusion Detection systems?  Targeted attacks and malware that can bypass even the most sophisticated technology are happening more frequently.  How are you ever supposed to detect those type of threats?   We employ MITRE trained and certified threat hunters who will pro-actively access your environment for signs of compromise and within a few hours, tell you if your network has been breached.