Reduce the chances of your employees being the reason behind the latest attack that causes the organization to lose sensitive data.

The art of deception and hacking people, are the top threats facing organizations right now.  Most organizations have adopted a training platform and process for testing, but rarely have a 3rd party validate the effectiveness.

ChannelSOC’s social engineers can test a variety of ways to help identify the potential holes in the “human element” to prevent information breaches and to strengthen the company’s security and compliance posture.

Our Social Engineering Assessments will help your organization understand the threats from the view of an attacker, attempting to gain access to protected information, by exploiting your staff using various different tactics and techniques.


Key aspects of social engineering

  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Email Based – Phishing Attacks
  • Phone Based – Vishing Attack
  • Spear Phishing
  • USB Stick Drops
  • In-Person Deception
  • Test-based – Smishing Attacks
  • Deliverables and Reporting

We will be to determine the status of your user security awareness program.  The results of the exercise should be fed in to the security awareness process for the coming year to further advance the state of security awareness within the organization.