Cyber Risk Management and Where to Start?

Risk Management

We are in an unpredictable time where cyber-attacks can come from anyone and any country, including our own.  Now is more important than ever to demonstrate the extent and effectiveness of your clients’ risk management efforts.

Cybersecurity risk is just one of the factors of the overall risk situation that feeds into your client’s business risk management strategy.  Cybersecurity risk, like with all risks, cannot be entirely eliminated, but instead, must be managed through informed decision making processes.

The objective of a cybersecurity program is to reduce the probability and effect of a cyber-event to an organization’s operations, assets, and individuals. A well balanced, informed decision-making process concerning cyber risk management will lead to a positive effect on the business culture and their bottom line.

Knowing your clients’ Cyber Security position and understanding their appetite for risk tolerance are two pieces of information that you can begin to go down the path with them to understand the difference between where they are today in managing cyber risks and just how much gap there is to close. It is here where you can start to develop a strategy to improve their organizations cybersecurity.

Start by discussing;

  • Who is in the decision making process and who is ultimately responsible for the risk management objectives.
  • Do they know the value of all assets to the business that could be stolen or exposed to hackers?
  • Cyber Security plan that involves performing a risk analysis to determine the extent of the gaps in their network, services, processes and procedure.
  • Execute on the remediation of those gaps and keep in mind that Cyber Security is not a one-time event and that it should be a part of the business operation.

How are your current Cyber Security defenses and what can you do to alleviate cyber threats from harming business operations, reputation, assets, and individuals?

It is not all bad!  Enhancements to your data privacy and security, can give your clients’ a competitive edge by also sharpening business areas such as:

  • Operational process efficiency
  • Data Protection Enhancements
  • Keeping up to date with modernized technologies
  • Collaboration between departments
  • Vendor evaluation and management
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction and Trust
  • Educating and protecting your employees

Channel SOC is a Channel only company and provides affordable Cyber Security Monitoring to our partners, continuously checking for anomalous activity, ensuring that you’re continuously upholding your compliance requirements with a solution that’s always-on and proactively protecting you and you’re clients from cyber-attacks.

We provide the additional cyber security expertise as an extension of your organization.

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